We are delighted to announce the establishment of the Class of 1983 SASsy Bananas Fund, thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous classmate. Many of us have fond memories of the kind and generous people at WSAS who provided the bookstore vouchers, metal wastebaskets, glass ashtrays, etc., when we arrived on campus as First Year Students. In addition to wastebaskets and vouchers, the WSAS gives tuition loans and grants to Wellesley College students, including emergency loans, grants, and other forms of assistance to students on campus. Their work is priceless. Now our class can help the WSAS help more Wellesley students.


Gifts to the WSAS go directly to students in need. Many of us would not have finished Wellesley without the support of the WSAS.  Please note that WSAS is separate from the College. Funds given to the WSAS do not count towards our class participation, and thus do not help Mother Wellesley maintain this vital statistic. 


THEREFORE, if you would like to be awesome and support the fabulous WSAS, consider giving a few extra dollars directly to the Wellesley Fund. It's a win-win-win-win -- RAH! Plus, your generosity will be acknowledged in the financial report the WSAS sends out to alums each year. Win. Win. Win!


Here is the Wellesley Students' Aid Society website.   Catherine Schedlbauer '89 is its Office Administrator. The WSAS is a non-profit organization.

(And here is the link to the Wellesley Fund website, where you can donate those few extra dollars so everybody wins.) Clear?



"The Wellesley Students’ Aid Society, Inc. (WSAS) has a rich heritage dating back to the founding of Wellesley College and the belief that all women should have access to education regardless of means. Founded in 1878 for the purpose of providing funds for women who could not afford a Wellesley education, WSAS was incorporated as an 

independent nonprofit in 1916, giving it the flexibility to provide aid when and where students need it most.

"Nearly two-thirds of all Wellesley students receive some form of help from WSAS in the form of tuition grants and loans, emergency funds for students facing unforeseen difficulties, textbook support for all students on financial aid, and short-term, no-interest loans. Through the generous contributions of alumnae and friends, we are able to distribute more than $1 million each year to support students from all walks of life."*

THANK YOU for being AWESOME! laugh


*source: WSAS website